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The Studio is more than just a fitness center. We offer more than you can find at any chain health club. Our team is committed to helping you achieve your goals and a new level of fitness. Our schedule revolves around yours, and we're fully staffed to accommodate every client's individual needs.


Skeletal Muscle Hypertrophy is Driven By Resistance Training Volume Opposed to Strength

Skeletal muscle is a form of striated muscle tissue that accounts for ~40% of adult human body weight and contains ~50-75 % of all body proteins, and lastly responsible for ~30-50 % of whole-body protein turnover (4). Muscle growth or hypertrophy is an increase muscle mass is a result of working and then adapting against an increased load or resistance. Dan Newmire M.S., CSCS



WHAT WE DOTo Better You

You Are Who You Work Out With.

Meet The Brown Brothers.

Meet the Brown Brothers and listen to their incredible stories about life and how the The Studio has help them in their transition back home and life in general.

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Studio Student Athletes

The Studio takes pride in it's young athletes. These kids train hard in the off season with the Studio to help them reach there goal. Today we Showcase Madi Traver.

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Studio"s Student Athlete and Highland Park Freshman Runningback Logan Petty

Petty has worked hard over the summer at the Studio, and his hard work was unleashed Oct. 8th 2015 when Logan post 4TD's rushing.
Petty also plays Linebacker for the Scotts, giving Highland Park a future athlete



We offer everything you need

let the Studio Help You Get Your Life on track.

Functional Flexibility


Talk about EXTREME, This program helps with cardiovascular health, weight loss, muscle tone, improved reflexas and improved mood.

Healthy Living


Clean Healthy eating is one of the major keys to reaching your goals. We can help you reach these goals and eating healthier.

Spiritual Exercise


The Studio's Yoga teachers will put you at peace and educate you on anatomy, the benefits that yoga provides to help each client.

The Studio is about improving your personal health and fitness through customized, extreme workouts.

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