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Limits. Everyone has them, and they keep you from reaching your goals. To progress, you need to reach those limits, push past them, and not look back. At The Studio, our job is to take you past your old limits and push you toward your new ones. Your old physical limitations become your new starting point, and we bring you to a level of fitness that you couldn't have reached on your own.

The Studio is the premier North Dallas Extreme Personal Training gym. What's that mean? It depends on the individual. No two people will ever have the same workout at The Studio. We assess each new client, and develop a custom training program based on the client's needs and goals. The Studio isn't a glorified fitness wear and supplement shop. We combine conventional machines and weights with less conventional methods of one-on-one training that you won't experience at your neighborhood club. You might see one person pushing a 50lb weight around the gym while another is swinging a sledgehammer into a tractor tire. Another person may be using free weights and someone else will be jumping on one leg throwing a medicine ball into a trampoline. Our unique training methods will keep you motivated and on track to achieve your goals.

What about our staff? At The Studio, we have multiple performance specialists who have your fitness goals in mind. We offer one on one, and sometimes even two on one, guided instruction and training. Whether you're trying to lose weight, build muscle, or training for a marathon our personal trainers will push you, and push you hard. They'll push you far past your old limits during each workout. You might not like your trainer during your session, but once you see and feel the results, we guarantee you'll keep coming back for more.

The Studio is more than just a fitness center. We offer more than you can find at any chain health club. Our team is committed to helping you achieve your goals and a new level of fitness. Our schedule revolves around yours, and we're fully staffed to accommodate every client's individual needs.

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Cary Rossel Bradley Rossel

The Studio Extreme Training Cary Rossel Bradley Rossel

This father and son team joined The Studio in February to work with independent trainer Scott Eder. They were referred by another former studio client....(click for more)

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